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What I do

I like to think of myself as a dream maker, a modern day superhero. Some clients come to me with vague visions or ideas of what they want, while others come with outlines, sketches or completed Photoshop designs. Either way, I bring those dreams and sketches to life. And doing so, makes me feel like a super hero, building super websites.

Over the course of my career, I have acquired a broad array of skills, with over 10 years’ experience managing clients, campaigns, projects and staff as a laboratory manager, an information technology manager, a business consultant, an online brand strategist and as an owner of a full service day spa and boutique.

With an eye on the future and ultimate objectives, everything I do is a fusion of skill, creativity and . I am a scientist at heart, with an eye for detail, an inquisitive mind, and a passion for the health and wellness industry. I provide education and inventive solutions for a few select clients, just on a different scale than before, and with a whole lot more heart.