Need to make an impression? Want to stand out?
Green Girl Design creates STAND OUT websites using Thesis Theme for Wordpress. Want one? Contact me!

What I do

I like to think of myself as a dream maker, a modern day superhero. Some clients come to me with vague visions or ideas of what they want, while others come with outlines, sketches or completed Photoshop designs. Either way, I bring those dreams and sketches to life. My specialty? Websites. My tools of choice? WordPress and Thesis Theme, the dynamic duo of website design. And with them in my tool belt, I can be a super hero, a super girl who builds super websites, a Thesis Designer that goes by the name Green Girl.

I don’t just do websites. If you need a logo and a business card, a brochure or ads, a custom background or images for your social networks, a WordPress blog or website or a full blown eCommerce solution, I can help. Need it all? I got you covered. Not sure what you need? Let me be your guide through the virtual world, your creative sherpa. And when we’re finished, you will love the results, because I’m not happy until your happy.